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Wabanaki Maple Syrup

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*Due to supplier issues, our trios come without a box! They will be wrapped individually in foam/paper for protection in transit*

Traditional Maple Syrup: a sophisticated blend of pure natural traditional flavours. A Canadian classic, you can't go wrong with this delicious traditional maple syrup.

Bourbon: With a process that takes careful tending and time, our maple is slowly aged in only the finest award winning Kentucky Bourbon barrels for a golden buttery taste that’s rich with a storied flavour.
Flavour: Vanilla, Caramel, Butter, Oak, Sweet Maple
Aroma: Marshmallow
Pairs With: Specialty Coffees, Pork, Salmon, Scallops

Whiskey: Enriched with the smoky flavours of wood and rye whiskey, this maple syrup takes sweetness to new heights with notes of caramel and vanilla. Our maple soaks in a rustic smoky character that turns to creamy sweetness in your mouth. A superb ingredient to glaze and marinade salmon, compliment a banana split or liven up breakfast pancakes.  
Flavour: Rye, Light Oak, Wood Smoke
Aroma: Toffee, Butterscotch
Pairs With: Ice Cream Banana Split, Bacon, Cornbread

Toasted Oak: A roasted thick flavour with honeyed overtones, this maple is painstakingly refined and aged to perfection, producing a syrup made unique with the time-honoured taste of lightly charred oak. 
Flavour: Oak, Molasses, Brown Sugar
Aroma: Light Oak, Delicate
Pairs With: Belgian Waffles, Roasted Vegetables, Popcorn

Rum: Aged in a Maritime Rum barrel, this sophisticated barrel aged maple syrup gives off a smooth, elegant finish. This limited edition Barrel-Aged Rum Maple Syrup is the perfect caramel-y, complex addition to your cuisine.
Flavour: Smooth, Butterschotch, Caramel
Aroma: Vanille, Complex
Pairs With: Ice Cream, BBQ Meats, Cocktails