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KPS Systems

Learn how to keep the profits in your pockets!

In the past, convenience store owners have had little options when it comes to setting up their store.  They have had to either become a franchise operator, paying ten of thousands of dollars in royalty payments, or create their own store having to setup everything with no support. KPS Systems has created a Banner Program concept to meet the demand of owners keeping margin on their side of the table and still have the setup and management support!



The Totems of your Travel Center

Planning & Feasibility

We assist clients in evaluating the business opportunities to make the right marketing, investment and strategic decisions that will help your project succeed.

Our clients seek out our assistance to obtain independent advice to help them maximize their marketing, operations, organizational and profit performance.

Concept & Design

A concept is the idea behind a design. We work with the Economic Development offices to design a facility the meets and exceeds the communities expectations and functionality. 

It’s the underlying logic, thinking, and reasoning for how the design comes together. 

Vendor Selection & Management

Location - done. Permits - done. Construction method - done. Whats next? 

An agreement on the business and vendor requirements. Our team begins the search for possible vendors that will be able to deliver the materials, products or services. Next, we commission an Request for Information (RFI) and send it to the selected vendors.


Merchandising activities include display techniques, free samples, on-the-spot demonstration, pricing, shelf talkers, special offers, and other point-of-sale methods. Merchandising encompasses "planning involved in marketing the right merchandise or service at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price."

Point Of Sale Integration

Point of Sale system or POS system helps reduce the work done by cash register systemPOS system helps keep track of all the orders, and the information are stored in one database. POS system consists of the main server, POS terminal station, credit card swiper, cash drawer and receipt printer.

Management & Staff Training

Management & Staff training and development activities are important for your business. On going on-site and on-line training will improve and inform  your employees skills specific to the project, and will keep both you and your employees up-to-date in admin and management areas, including:





staff management