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Who are we?

1 Nation Distribution is an indigenous owned and operated Wholesale Distribution company. We strive to enter into “Strategic Partnerships” to “Unite Culture with Value and Service”. In addition, we leverage the buying power of the many over the individual community. Two years in development, the company officially incorporated in February of 2015.

How Wholesale Distribution works

First Nations and Native American communities will have full access to all products and services provided by our “Strategic Partners”. 1 Nation Distribution provides the Wholesale Distribution ordering, processing and the delivery.

How communities benefit

Savings are recognized by leveraging the buying power of the many. The power is then passed directly back to each community and reflected on every invoice.

Our Wholesale Distribution companies include:

Spirit Bear Coffee Company

Born in March 2006 with Aboriginal roots, we sell Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic quality coffee in over 600 locations across Canada. In addition, we named our blends after the animals of the Northwest and they range from light to dark roast and all impress with quality.

White Buffalo Coffee Company

Based in Calgary Alberta, the White Buffalo Coffee Company has been a work of passion for the speciality coffee movement that is sweeping the world. We play a role in influencing these wonderful developments to the land formally known as Turtle Island (North America).

White Buffalo Traditional Medicine

We continue to produce and distribute innovative, natural hemp products, and will optimize health and wellness in those suffering from various diseases and conditions. Above all, we  aide those that wish to prevent certain illnesses and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

1 Nation Distribution Hospitality

We know what it takes to stay on top in a world where clients are ever more knowledgeable and demanding. As a result, we strive for superior products as well as superior service and have been doing so for decades.