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White Buffalo Coffee Company


Since our inception, the White Buffalo Coffee Company has been a work of passion for the speciality coffee movement that is sweeping the world. Based in Calgary Alberta, we are honoured to play a role in influencing these wonderful developments to the land formally known as Turtle Island (North America).


The founders of White Buffalo Coffee Company have been developing coffee profiles since 2006 and now work with Canadian Artisan Roasters throughout traditional territories; with the most technically advanced and eco-friendly roasters.


Working closely with indigenous farmers across many countries is something that is integral to White Buffalo Coffee Company’s past and future. When it is not possible to buy direct, coffee is sourced through experienced green bean buyers; these companies must be aware of the social and environmental issues in the areas they work. As coffee is a seasonal product; we rotate our selection to ensure you are only tasting the freshest beans possible. Our coffee is roasted with transparency in mind; as we prefer our quality to speak for itself and always strive to accentuate its inherent flavours.