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Bill Helin Raven Mug


Beautiful boxed ceramic mug with Raven design by artist, co-founder, and co-owner Bill Helin.

Bill is a Tsimshian / Norwegian artist, wood carver, jeweler, children’s book writer/illustrator and designer. Bill has focused on the Traditional Tsimshian art of his father's ancestry since 1980 and has created thousands of Love Rings and Wearable Art ever since. 

Some of his accomplishments include designing the patch worn by astronauts on the U.S. space shuttle Columbia in 1996, an Astronaut patch for Bob Thirsk his 2011 ISS 6 month mission and the carving of the “world’s largest” (192-foot tall) totem pole known as the Spirit of Lekwammen, carved for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria to symbolize unity amongst all Tribes and Nations of the world.